Glen Dimplex Hot Water Cylinders Recall

11 September 2020


A relay located on the front of the cylinder, used for switching on and off the immersion heater, may be faulty.
As a result the relay could overheat leading to increased risk of fire. 

Models affected

ECS210HP40A-580 (UK and Ireland)

ECS150HP40A-580 (UK only)

ECS180HP40A-480 (UK only)

ECS250HP40A-580 (UK and Ireland)

ECS250HPST40A-580 (UK only)


A safety issue has been identified with DIMPLEX A Class Cylinder -150ltr, 210ltr and 250ltr.

Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation are aware of a limited number of DIMPLEX water cylinders where an electrical component could overheat and in very rare incidents be a potential fire hazard.