Nbjoyee Electric Space Heater Recall

26 March 2021


Electric Shock

Models affected

Model: PF01D-G
Barcode: 6934456700389
Electrical ratings: Input:200VAC 50Hz 2000W Class I


Black and red room/space heater with instruction manual supplied. The product is wired with an Australian plug and UK adaptor. All product labelling is in Chinese and the product is packaged in a cardboard box with an outline of the product on the face.

The product was provided with an Australian plug and UK adaptor which was loosely fitted and did not meet the dimensional requirements of BS1363 as the adaptor’s live pin was too close to the outside edge of the plug. The user could touch the live pin when plugging in, or unplugging, the product from the socket, which presents a serious risk of electric shock. The product does not meet the requirements of the Plugs & Sockets (Safety) Regulations 1994.