Lena Lighting / UV Cleanlight UV-C Sterilon 36w, 72w and 108w Recall

28 January 2022


Exposure to UV-C radiation resulting in damage to eyes and / or skin. 

Models affected

Brand : Lena Lighting / UV Cleanlight
Models :
UV-C Sterilon 36w without sensor
UV-C Sterilon 72w without sensor and
UV-C Sterilon 108w models without sensor


UV-C lamp advertised as effectively killing microorganisms, used for surface disinfection in a variety of healthcare and public settings.

The product has been assessed as unsafe and presents a serious risk because there is a foreseeable risk of exposure to UV-C radiation, which could result in irreversible eye and/or skin injuries.

The exposure limit value for this type of radiation is met within 3 seconds of energising the lamp and there are no safeguards in place, such as a motion sensor, to prevent exposure.

The product does not meet the principal elements of the safety objectives set out in Schedule 1 (2) of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.