Samnate Electric Wax Warmer Recall

04 January 2022


Electric shock and electrocution.

Models affected

Barcode: X001BFDX4V
Other product identifiers: Samnate UK Lamp, 1/13


Black wax heater aroma diffuser with black electrical lead and incorporated switch, packaged in white cardboard box.

This product poses a serious risk of electric shock as the internal wiring has only been fitted with basic insulation and is in contact with the accessible metal enclosure. Furthermore, internal wiring passed through a metal plate, which did not have rounded edges, and no bushing was provided. It is possible for the insulation to wear away and the wire to come into contact with the accessible metal closure, causing it to become live and give the user an electric shock.

This product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.