Fashion 5 In1 Hair Dryer Volumizer Brush Hot Air Hair Comb Curling And Wand Straighter Recall

04 February 2022


Electric Shock

Models affected

Barcode: 6983450235878


Pink and silver hair dryer with 5 different attachments packaged in a black cardboard box containing an image of the product. 

The product poses a risk of electric shock because it is fitted with a non-complaint 2-pin plug and is supplied with a non-compliant travel adapter for permanent use of the product. The adapter has unshuttered plug pin apertures so a person can touch a part of the product that is at high voltage and then receive an electric shock and may be electrocuted. The product does not comply with the marking requirements of the relevant standard.

The product does not comply with the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations 2016.