BPS Series Explosion-Proof Extractor Axial Fan with Shutter Recall

16 May 2022


Fire and Explosion.

Models affected

EL1003343, CNEx 3240X


An extractor fan intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. 220 – 240V ‘explosion-proof’ extractor axial fan with shutter. Sold as suitable for use in spray booths, and industrial and commercial environments where flammable gases, vapours and fine dusts may be present. 

This product has been assessed as presenting a serious risk of harm as it has the potential to act as an ignition source in a flammable atmosphere, which could lead to fire and explosion. The product has not been subject to an appropriate conformity assessment procedure under the Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2016, and there is therefore no evidence that the product is safe for use in potentially flammable or explosive atmospheres. The product does not meet the administrative requirements of these regulations with respect to product markings, instructions and the Declaration of Conformity.