Vevor Laser Engraving Machine, VG-L5 Recall

18 July 2022


Burns and electric shock.

Models affected

G3355-DKJ500MWNJG40X50V2-1; RVG3355-220228-0009-1259, 12/17, IN87, GBLFD-GC0091-73, 52


Black engraving machine was supplied with a switched mode power supply unit for connection to the mains supply.

The product presents a serious risk of burns as the fuse had not been supplied with an adequate amount of granular filler. The filler is required to ensure the safe operation of the fuse under fault conditions, so the plug or cord may catch fire whilst the product is being used. The dimensions of the sleeved parts of the pins differed from the metal parts of the pins. This resulted in a distinct step between the two. This could cause damage to the socket and undue wear and tear to the sleeve, which could cause an electric shock. The fuse also did not comply with BS1362.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.