YOFULY Vacuum Therapy Machine Safety NoticeSafety notice


Fires and burns.


Models affected

Model number: BL-600
ASIN: B07Y8B1S6Q (Please note the upgraded model currently for sale with
this ASIN number is not affected by this safety report).
Other product identifiers: FBA15G6PSSZ7U000011


Vacuum therapy suction machine supplied in cardboard packaging with an image of a woman on the face of the product.

The product presents a high risk of fire and burns as when tested the plug does not comply with the relevant standard (BS1363) as it fitted with an unsafe fuse which has no granular filler in the fuse itself. If a fault were to occur, the plug could explode from the wall causing a fire, causing burns to the consumer from touching the product or debris. Additionally, the fuse does not comply with the dimensional requirements of the relevant standard.

The internal wiring is insulated in basic insulation, and they were in contact with accessible conductive parts. The product also requires improvements to marking, labelling and instructions.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.