Black, Red and Grey Electric Scooter with Charger Recall

14 April 2023


Electric shock.

Models affected

Barcode: 8858778202
Batch number: 61904
Charger model number: DX-420150


A black e scooter with grey hand grips and red brake cable. Packaged in a brown cardboard box.

The product has been recalled as it presents a risks of electric shock, fire, explosion and injuries due to the poor quality charger and poor external build quality on the scooter. The external build quality requires improvement as a cable coming from the handlebar is not “tucked away” and could pose a loss of control hazard as the brake and control cables stick out from the handlebars. If the user were to lose control of the scooter due to this, it could result in injuries. Furthermore, the transformer used in the charger was of a poor build quality because the separation between the primary and secondary windings did not meet the minimum requirements of the standard, which could result in fire/explosion/electric shock whilst charging a battery under fault conditions. The plug, fuse, and cable used on the charger were all considered to be counterfeit. When tested, the plug face was found to fit a BS 1363 plug gauge however, the distance from the edge of the live and neutral pins to the edge of the plug was under the required 9.5mm, posing a potential electric shock hazard when the user inserts or removes the plug from the socket. There was no ballast present in the fuse as required by the standard and the cable is not considered to be approved as no licence number could be located on the database. The product was also missing some of the required documentation, markings and safety warnings.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.