Multi-Function Jump Starter, JX27 Recall

24 April 2023



Models affected



Jump starting tool for automobiles in a black carry case. Includes a wall plug charger, and the jump starter itself has multiple USB slots for charging electronic devices.

The product presents a risk of burns due to issues with the overall construction and lack of electrical strength. When tested, the conductors had been soldered onto their respective terminals. They had not been held in place independently of the soldered connection or securely hooked in position prior to soldering. There were no barriers to prevent a detached wire from reducing creepage distances and clearances to levels below the minimum required by the standard, which could cause an explosion resulting in burns to the user. The product also failed the electric strength test as the insulation between the input and output circuits broke down when a 2.92 kV test voltage was applied between the circuits.

The plug for the product does not meet the requirements of BS1363-1 as the disposition of the pins was incorrect, which resulted in the plug being unable to fully enter the gauge, even when a force of 10N was applied. The thickness of the live and neutral pins were measured as 4.14 & 4.10 mm, above the maximum of 4.05 mm. The breadth of the live and neutral pins were found to be 6.56 & 6.54 mm, exceeding the limit of 6.48 mm. The dimensions of the sleeved parts of the pins differed from the metal parts of the pins. This resulted in a distinct step between the two that could cause damage to the socket and undue wear and tear to the sleeve. Some of the required documentation and markings were not present.

The product does not comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.