Velux New Generation Glass Rooflights Recall

02 June 2023


Electric shock.

Models affected

Model: CVU 090090 02 2SUDA
Only products with the combination of the product name CVU and where the 7th and 8th digits of the product code are ‘02’ are affected by this issue. The product range was launched in July 2021 and all window sizes can be impacted. The solar-powered version of the flat roof window is not impacted, and neither are older Velux flat roof windows.


Mains-powered, remote-controlled flat roof window.

The product presents a high risk of electric shock as under particular circumstances, the design of the product can allow condensation to accumulate in the part of the window where the transformer and actuator are mounted. This can cause metal parts of the flat roof window, such as the chain, reset button and rain sensor, to become live. A person may touch part of the product at a high voltage and receive an electric shock or be electrocuted.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.