Fluke Test Lead - Model 3PHVL-17XX Recall

07 July 2023


Electric shock.

Models affected



The product is a 4-conductor test lead accessory that is interconnected to a Fluke power quality analyser used in electrical installation for measurement purposes. The three conductors for phase connections have red 4mm shrouded banana jack terminals whereas the single conductor for the neutral connection has black terminals. The recalled cables are sold separately as 3PHVL-17XX Cable Replacement Kits and are included with the following kits: Fluke-3540 Power Monitors, 173x Series Power Loggers, 174x Series Power Quality Loggers and 177x Series Power Quality Analysers.

The black moulded plastic insulators covering the neutral banana jack terminals of the affected cables are brittle and may crack during the factory assembly process or through stresses expected from normal operation/reasonable use.

During installation/removal of the black N-terminal conductor from an electrical installation the presence of a crack in the insulation may allow direct contact to the conductor or a voltage transient to arc to the user potentially leading to electric shock.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.