Professional hair/beard straightener ZF-C1A sold via Fruugo Safety NoticeSafety notice


Electric shock.

Models affected

Model number: ZF-C1A
Fuugo ID: p-73794072-148207932


A black hair straightener with a 2-pin plug and 3-pin black adaptor. Packaged in a black and green cardboard box.

The product presents a serious risk of electric shock as the user can touch a high voltage part. If the user’s finger were to slip whilst inserting or removing the plug from the mains socket, they would receive an electric shock.

Additionally, the product also presents a risk of fire as there is a lack of necessary over current protection as there is no fuse provision. This means that if the product we’re to develop a fault over time, components could overheat and catch fire. Some of the required documentation and markings were not present.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.