Vevor Air Compressor YM550 Safety NoticeSafety notice



Models affected

Model Number: YM550
Barcode: KYJSY550-9LDCF001V2
Carton Numbers: RVG3355-210730-0001-192 GBLFD-GC0003 G3355-KYJSY550-9LDCF001V2


Silver and white air compressor with Vevor branding on the side in black and yellow.

The product presents a high risk of explosion as it does not meet the requirements of the standard. The product was not supplied with a Declaration of Conformity and there was no proof that the simple pressure vessel had been tested to EN 286-1. The product was incorrectly rated for the UK mains supply voltage and had multiple defects regarding external build quality. The product requires improvements to quality assurance, documentation and markings.

The product does not meet the requirements with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.