VEVOR Vacuum Packer Machine Safety NoticeSafety notice


Electric shock.

Models affected

Model: DZ-260S Other product identifiers: IC911780210927324 (1217), SKU: DZ-260ZKBZJ000001V2-GB, 35


A mains powered metal bodied vacuum packing machine fitted with a C14 appliance inlet. Supplied with both a separate main to C13 supply cord and a direct plug-in adaptor.

The product presents a serious risk of electric shock as the mains plug did not meet the dimensional requirements of BS 1363. The live and neutral pins were less than 9.5mm from periphery of engagement surface, which presents a risk of electric shock to consumers if they were to touch the live pins when inserting the plug into the socket. The mains plug was also not fitted with a fuse link, which is necessary to ensure the product is sufficiently earthed.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 or the Plugs & Sockets (Safety) Regulations 1994.