Vevor Wood Turning Lathe Safety NoticeSafety notice



Models affected

Model: MC1080 (900)
Barcode: MGCCMC1018DZK0001V2


A blue coloured wood turning lathe.

The product presents a serious risk as the earth stud was found to be
unreliable and no declaration of conformity was supplied. During testing, it
was identified that the protective earth connection used a standard cross
head screw to hold two crimp terminals connecting the earths together. An
earth connection must not use a standard screw that can be undone from
outside of the product. The screw could be undone, and the protective earth
could be removed. Also, a screw connection cannot hold two earth
connections together for the same reason. Additionally, the product supply
voltage requirements are not compatible with the UK power system. Some of
the required documentation and markings were not present.
The product does not meet the requirement of the Supply of Machinery
(Safety) Regulations 2008.