SARINA Fast Charge Dual Wall Charger sold by TK Maxx Recall

11 August 2023


Electric shock and fire.

Models affected

Model number: UK-SA-WUSB Product codes: 376020, 376026 or 376027

Sales period: May 2023 to June 2023

Colours available: Blush Pink, Dusty Lilac and White


A square shaped wall charger with a dual USB and USB-C port. Sold in the colours Blush Pink, Dusty Lilac and White.

The product presents a risk of electric shock and fire. The plug supplied with the product does not meet the dimensional requirements of BS 1363, meaning that users may be able to access live parts when plugging in, or unplugging the plug from the socket. The plug also does not contain a fuse link and is therefore inadequately earthed, and the product did not pass the electric strength test. Additionally, single pin insertion is possible, allowing access to live parts.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.