T-Sport Electric Scooter ES299 Safety NoticeSafety notice


Electric shock

Models affected

Model Number: ES299
350watt motor, 48volts


Electric scooter, 12” wheels with yellow frame supplied in cardboard packaging.

The product presents a serious risk of electric shock because the transformer was of a poor build quality and did not meet the requirements of creepage and clearance. The plug face also did not meet the dimensional requirements of the relevant standard, meaning users can access live pins when plugging in, or unplugging, the plug from the socket. The fuse was also considered counterfeit and did not contain a ballast, preventing it from performing as required under fault conditions. The product was also found to have a speed greater than the maximum permissible level, and functions purely as a twist-and-go without pedalling, as a motorbike.
The product requires improvements to marking, labelling and documentation.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 or the Plugs & Sockets (Safety) Regulations 1994.