I.B.N Steam Nail Gel Removal Machine, ISGR-01 Safety NoticeSafety notice


Electric shock

Models affected

Brand: I.B.N
Model: ISGR-01
Barcode: X000ZBJI5P


A black and white nail gel removal machine with a black UK plug.

The product presents a high risk as during testing the insulation between the input and output circuits broke down when a 2.92kV test voltage was applied to the circuits. If the product were to fail during use, this could cause the metal parts of the product to become live and give the user an electric shock. The instructions were considered to be inadequate as they did not contain sufficient information to ensure the correct and safe use of the equipment. Some of the required documentation and markings were not present.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.