JUSFIT Charging Drill, CDZ1820 Safety NoticeSafety notice



Models affected

Model: CDZ1820
Charger model: YH-2105
Other product identifiers: M010000000004674439, HG00070LHUK, WI34513457, B0400000001147361070, 910462231207071


A black and green with a lithium battery power supply and black charging cable/plug. The product comes in a black carry case and was packaged in a brown cardboard box.

The product presents a serious risk of fire as the as the plug does not meet the dimensional requirements of BS 1363. As the plug does not make a proper connection with the socket, over extended use, the plug face could start to wear and result in the plug overheating. The product also presents a risk of electric shock as the transformer was of a poor build quality and did not meet the creepage and clearance requirements due to primary and secondary windings being found to be touching. Some of the required documentation and markings were not present.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 or the Plugs & Sockets (Safety) Regulations 1994.