Happy Bike E-Bike Conversion Recall

03 May 2024



Models affected

Supplier: Happy Bike
Conversion installations affected: Any installations by Happy Bike since October 2022
Charger model: LW-084/200/420/002


Bespoke E-Bike Conversions fitted to customer’s own bicycle. Source of the components vary. Battery assembled by Happy Bike.

The Class III battery supplied with the conversion featured a poor internal build quality. Testing identified poor quality connections, with wires soldered directly to the PCBs/components with no form of secondary fixing. The battery is likely to endure vibration and shock in its normal environment and could present the hazards of fire/explosion under certain fault conditions. The fuse in the battery housing was also not connected and therefore could not prevent damage to components under fault conditions.

The conversion also does not meet the requirements of the standard for legal use on UK roads as it had a power rating double the limit of 250W, and could reach speeds greater than the maximum unassisted speed permitted.

There were no instructions provided and some required documentation and markings were not present.
The product does not meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.