Yuchengtech Mug Press Machine (Model CH2248) Safety NoticeSafety notice


Fire and electric shock.

Models affected

Brand: Yuchengtech
Model Number: CH2248
Barcode: X001VBDTSF
Amazon Identifier: FBA15HV04GFDU000014
Plug Model: D09/QINUPU


Blue mug pressing machine with wall plug and instruction manual.

The product presents a serious risk of fire as the it is insufficiently earthed. Under fault conditions, live wires may become loose and come into contact with one another, causing a short circuit and overheating. Additionally, it is possible for accessible metal parts to become live under fault conditions, presenting a risk of electric shock. The product requires improvements to marking, labelling and documentation.

The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.