Registered Electricians

It’s easy to make an electrical circuit work – it’s much harder to make it work safely.

Every year, 70 people die and over 350,000 are seriously injured in electrical accidents. And electrical fires account for almost half of accidental house fires, over 21,000 each year.

A properly installed and well-maintained installation can significantly reduce the possibility of accident or injury. So, it is important that any electrical installation work is carried out by people who have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to avoid the dangers that electricity can create.

However, our research has found that a quarter of UK adults do not use registered electricians and a third of people have hired an electrician based on a recommendation, without checking their credentials.

Electrical Safety First recommends that you use an electrician registered with one of the government-approved schemes to carry out any electrical installation work that you need.

We focus our campaigns on three main areas:

How to find a Registered Electrician

Most people will hire an electrician based on a recommendation from friends or family. But how do you know that the tradesperson working in your home is registered?

Find an Electrician

Don’t Die for DIY

DIY is increasingly popular amongst people looking for a creative outlet or to save money. But a massive 98% of registered electricians say that they have had to correct botched DIY jobs. So, when it comes to projects that involve electrical DIY, our advice is to always consult a registered electrician. If you have to look something up, leave it to the experts!

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Part P of the Building Regulations

Apart from some types of minor work, all electrical work must either be reported to the local-authority building control, or be carried out by an electrician who is registered with one of the Government-approved scheme providers. The responsibility for proving that electrical installation work meets Part P lies with the homeowner or landlord.

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Is your electrical installation turning your home into a death trap?

Our video reminds you to always use a registered electrician.