The Private Rented Sector

Electrical Safety First has long campaigned for better regulation of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and we welcomed the Government's announcement that five yearly checks on electrical installations in privately rented homes will be introduced in England in 2020, bringing the country in line with Scotland, where these checks have been in place since 2015.

Landlords and tenants have a lack of understanding of their electrical safety obligations. Landlords expose themselves to significant financial risks, from fines and invalidated insurance, by not acting on their electrical safety obligations. And tenants often do not know the questions they should be asking to ensure their safety.

Our campaigns offer advice to landlords and tenants, helping them to understand their obligations make rented homes a safe place to live.

Support for Landlords and Tenants

Our resources make it easier for landlords to understand and act on their obligations for electrical safety and help tenants to keep themselves safe in their rented homes.

Visit our pages for Landlords and Tenants to find out more.

Jane's Story

Jane Andain knows too well the consequences of a lack of regulation – her daughter, Thirza Whittall, was electrocuted six years ago as the result of poor electrics in the house she was renting. Jane has shared her story in our short film.