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17 October 2017

Electrical Safety First Logo
Welcome to our blog!

We’re Electrical Safety First, the UK’s leading charity on electrical safety. We want to make sure that everyone in the UK can use electricity safely, and regularly work with the media, government, businesses and electrical industry to spread our messages far and wide.

We campaign on issues that include product recall and registration, electrical DIY, the importance of using registered electricians and counterfeit electrical goods. As well as raising awareness with the public, we also work with politicans to ensure that the Government is doing all it can to keep people safe from electrical accidents.

We decided to create a space to share more information about our work and keep you updated on what we’ve been up to. We’ll be giving you a peek behind the scenes of our campaigns, talking about our work in Parliament and writing about things that we think might interest you.

We aim to publish once a week, so check in regularly for new posts!

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