Electrical Safety Week, Wales

Electrical Safety Week, Wales
25th November – 1st December 2019

According to the Welsh Government, between 1 and 2% of homes in Wales are at a significantly higher than average or extreme electrical safety risk, that’s up to 27,000 properties.

In Wales, 26% of housing was built before 1919 - considerably higher than in Scotland (20%) and England (21%) - making them of greater risk of fire.  There is also a high number of inter-connected terraced houses in Wales sharing open attic spaces, which can easily allow fires to spread. These factors are likely to have contributed to the fact that unlike in other parts of the UK, electrical distribution fires have continued to rise in the last 15 years in Wales, many of these caused by old or defective wiring.

However, the Welsh Government’s available funding for electrical repairs is inadequate, with only £139 potentially available per terraced household in the high-risk South Wales area for electrical safety improvements from current loans, which wouldn’t cover any complex electrical work.

In response to the Welsh Government’s report on Electrical Fires (July 2018), Electrical Safety First has published a report into the implications of the Government’s findings with suggestions for how the identified problems should be tackled. The report (available in English and Welsh) can be downloaded at the side of this page.

To raise awareness of the electrical safety issues that are particularly relevant to Welsh consumers, the Charity will be running the first annual Electrical Safety Week from 25th November 2019. This will include meetings with Ministers and Assembly Members as well as sharing messages with consumers directly and via partner organisations.

We believe that it is time for the Welsh Government to commit its own, dedicated fund to tackle electrical repairs across Wales for those who cannot afford them.