Bill Ballot 2022

Hidden Dangers Behind Online Marketplaces

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has said ’under current legislation, online marketplaces (OMPs) are not responsible for the safety of products sold by third parties on their platforms.’  The result?

  • OPSS’ reports show that 97% of unsafe products found were electrical and for sale on OMPs
  • Our recent research discovered highly dangerous devices available on OMPs claiming to save consumers energy
  • The National Fire Chiefs Council, the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the British Toy and Hobby Association, WHICH? and many others have all called for better regulation of OMPs

We have an opportunity to address the problem in this year’s Bill Ballot

On May 19th the Bill Ballot was drawn in the House of Commons. Now, 20 MPs have a chance to introduce a Bill that could become law. We are calling on these MPs to choose the Sale of Goods Online (Safety) Bill to ensure that people have the same protections when shopping online as they do on the High Street. 

Read our briefing on the Bill here: 


To find out more, contact: Wayne Mackay, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Electrical Safety First

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