Raising Awareness With the Public

We secured an independent review of the recall system

Our Product Recall campaign in Westminster was instrumental in securing an independent review of the recall system. And two manufacturers committed to including heat-proof pouches with their products, following our award winning 'Beauty Burns' media campaign.

Our Campaigns

Last year, Electrical Safety First reached millions of consumers with targeted messages on electrical safety issues. The team secured 1,585 pieces of coverage that reached a potential 227,851,521 people.

At the 2017 Third Sector Awards, the Charity won the Communications Team of the Year award.

Product Recall

Our campaigning has led to an increase in the number of people who say they would act on a product recall, with 88% now saying they would stop using a washing machine/tumble dryer.

(Source: 2018 Consumer Survey)

Part P and Registered Electricians

We consistently campaign to raise awareness of Part P and the need to use a registered electrician to do certain electrical work in the home.

We have seen an increase in awareness of Part P, with 16% saying they have heard of it (compared to 14% in 2017). This is higher amongst people aged over 35, up to 19%. These people are more likely to be on the property ladder and responsible for electrical work in their homes. The highest understanding comes from people aged 45-54, with 21%.

(Source: 2018 Consumer Survey)

Periodic Inspections

The number of landlords having periodic inspections has gone up by ten percentage points since 2016 (now at 74%).

Three quarters (74%) of people believe that the electrics in privately rented properties should be checked at least every five years.  This is slightly higher amongst landlords and private renters (76%).

(Source: 2018 Consumer Survey)

The number of people having periodic inspections on their own properties is also increasing, rising from 18% to 23% since 2013.

(Source: 2018 Consumer Survey)

Beauty Burns - January 2014

Our Beauty Burns campaign led to two manufacturers committing to include heat proof pouches in their products and won CorpComms Magazine’s Digi Award for Best Use of Video.

More than 6,500 people contacted Electrical Safety First to receive a free heat-proof pouch, kindly provided by Cloud Nine.

Our campaign is helping to influence a change to the product standard, which will mean manufacturers have to improve safety warnings and find ways of stopping people from burning themselves once they have finished using hair straighteners.

Electrical Fire Safety Week

We work in partnership with Government on ‘Electrical Fire Safety Week’ to highlight that over half of fires in the home are caused by electricity.

Every year Fire and Rescue Services across the country get on board with our campaign to help raise awareness of how to prevent fires caused by misuse of electrical items

In 2015, we turned our attention to much loved family pets - and what could happen if you left them home alone with your charging phone...