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Short-changed: Identifying the gap in safety standards for short-term lets in Scotland - June 2020

Electrical Safety First comment on the passage of the Consumer Scotland Bill - Scottish Parliament - May 2020

Briefing for Stage 3 Proceedings for the Consumer Scotland Bill – May 2020


Electrical Safety First response to the Scottish Government ‘Housing to 2040’ consultation - February 2020

Electrical Safety First's response to the consultation offers practical and deliverable policy solutions designed to help tackle some of the most significant electrical risks in Scottish homes.



Briefing for the Stage One Debate on the Consumer Scotland Bill - January 2020

Electrical Safety First welcomes the introduction of the Consumer Scotland Bill, which will strengthen the rights of consumers through the establishment of a new public body. Our briefing highlights areas in which the Bill could be strengthened to provide further safety protection for Scottish consumers.

Submission to the Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee - September 2019

Electrical Safety First's response to the Scottish Parliament's request for views on the Consumer Scotland Bill.

Response to the Scottish Government Consultation on Short-Term Lets - July 2019

Although we recognise the value that short-term lets provide to the economy, the rise of this new accommodation model does present potential electrical safety risks.